Your Donations In Action

Feel good. Give back. Get creative in making a donation to the Fredericton Community Kitchens various programs.

Did you know your dollars could help with the following?

Remember, these are just examples of your donation dollars at work. Please contact us if you have other creative ways in which you would like to give back.

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Brunswick Street Location

  • Cost of ONE meal served during breakfast, lunch or supper)- $4

  • Cost to sponsor ALL meals during breakfast, lunch or supper- $300

  • Cost of sponsoring ONE FULL DAY of meals- $550

  • Cost to sponsor ONE FULL WEEK of meals- $3500


Student Hunger Program

  • Cost of ONE lunch for our Student Hunger Program - $1.80

  • Gas for our van to make all necessary pick ups/ deliveries- $20 per day/ $100 per week


Outreach program

  • Cost per day of ONE FULL meal service for our Outreach Program- $215

  • Cost per week for our Outreach Meal Service- $1075